Douleur LeSuere and a few others…

Hello. My name is Douleur LeSuere…and you may call me Dou. I’ve been around Second Life for a little over four years, balancing random explorations such as dancing, clubs, managing a club, roleplaying, falling in love, falling out of love, expanding into numerous roleply sims, running a roleplay/combat sim, and eventually into a new hobbie: blogging the styles that I toss together on whims or fiddle with. I’m an amatuer photography, using only the light settings in Second Life, love to find new clothing that will enhance my characters in the roleplay sims I play in. Most often, when buying clothes, I balance to make sure that I can wear them again in the settings I do daily. I hope you enjoy my trip down this little lane.

For designers: If you would like for me to blog something, just send me a notecard in world and I’ll do so. I do enjoy new things!
Bloggers: If you’d like me to add you to my blogroll, just leave a comment! I’ll be more than happy too!


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