So Play With Me {#47}

So play with me

I’ve been doing it a while

Licking my lips

Twitching my hips

Caress the downy skin

Finger lick the slit

But only taste the sweetest of the rain

Poured through this summer’s kiss

And while you play with me

Whisper the nothings in my ear

Tell me of hot balmy days

Rolling in the water

Making it wet beneath the sand

Until I’m blossoming at your fingertips

Spilling forth spring like dew

Whimpering for your ever-needed key

To unlock the gilded gate

Style Card for Katya…

Bra Tapes & Panties: !K&L! Diamond Kitty
Bracelet: [Misc Inc] Chloie Cluster Bracelet
Boots: GOS Curveacous Boots – Black *NEW*
Gloves: :[P]: Courtesan BlackSun
Skin: :[P]: Ataciara – Elven – Cosmic Love Aphrodite (Lazy Sunday) *HOT*
Make-Up: Grixdale – Eyeshadow – Robin
Hair: >TRUTH< Neva – Champagne Streaked


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