Downtown {#28}

I spend most of my time in a place that I mentioned before called City of Perdition. Pretty much you’ll find me there, roleplaying, taking random pictures or just hanging out in my apartment (which I share with my IC cousin Jett and IC boyfriend Gerry). Eventually I will get around to discussing terminology of roleplay, but for now here’s just a little:

IC = In character. In Perdition, my avi (otherwise known as Katya Valeska) goes by the name of Katy MacDaigen. She’s the Detective Sergeant of the General Investigation Unit of the Perdition Police Department. Phew! Say that one a couple times…

OOC = Out of Character. Which means that during this time, I’m not playing my character. Therefore, I’m not roleplaying.

So throwing this little outfit together, I wore it last night as myself, our Chief of Police, and Gerry were out cracking down and arresting two known felons. Horray for us!

“Dwayne Bishop” (Dwayne Demen) watched the ball of spit leave his mouth and go down to the sidewalk, looking at it for a long moment before looking back up. “You done?” he said after Tre spoke. “Dexler. I wasn’t made Chief because I’m a fucking idiot. And you know what?” he asked, slipping the radio back into his belt as he heard the SUV roll up. “-Your- going to be the one that lets Zhangsun know this is strike two. Strike three? Ain’t gonna be fun.” Looking over to Gerry he watched any frisking going on. “Let me guess. He’s clean?” he asked, though it was really more of a running statement. Just more fuel to the fire. It was Tre, Tre being clean wasn’t exactly a common thing. Stepping over to the SUV he opened up the rear door and stepped to the side to allow Gerry to drop him into the vehicle. The professionalism he tried to execute in the tone was offset by the lack of any real emphasis on the words “Mr. Dexler. You are not under arrest, you are being temporarily detained.”

Katy MacDaigen really doesn’t get the whole “nigga’ thing, but can only conclude that because she’s as pale as an albino in a snowstorm that she wouldn’t be able to comphrend the so-called ghetto talk. “For fuck’s sake, talk English you dipshit,” Katy was a bit tired of hearing the man sound like the sun and moon kneed the ground for his black ass. “The dude’s got a rap shot as long as my 5’2” frame, I think his good old “southside” fun times are over for quite a while.” Placing her weapon back into her back holster, Katy just watches as the men place Tre into the vehicle, shaking her head at the idea that Choi would even run around with this lot. But then again..women do do strange things for love..

Style Card for Katya….

Pants: -AXE- Student – Jeans
Shirt: [aRAWRa] Cozy Henley Snowflake Exclusive (FTLO Winter Fest Hunt)
Jacket: =IZUMIYA= F Set22
Scarf: Red Workshop Nuuu Scarf – Red
Socks: Grixdale – Snug Leggings (Opaque) – Tone 1
Shoes: [e] Millside Flats – Mushroom (Group Gift)
Skin: Lara Hurley “Milla”
Hair: >TRUTH< “Snow Kitty” – Swedish (Group Gift)
Make-Up: ::Plastic Flowers:: – Purple Smoke


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