Teacher’s Pet {#26}

Picked up this little outfit from my really good friend Ericc Axon. ((Hi Hi Angel!!)) I’ve known Ericc now about..seven years running. OMG. That’s like a major long time. We used to play in another online world called The Sims Online (RIP), but then Ericc came to Second Life and I eventually came around and came over as well. During this time – Ericc would start to make clothes in SL. While I never really gave it much thought, I remember when he first opened up his first store in SL. Since then, he’s come along way, especially along with his wife, XAnGeL57X Babii. I ❤ you guys!!

Visit -AXE- Here!

Katya is wearing…

Outfit: -AXE- Student (Full Outfit – Woman)
Socks: Goodstuff – Tube Socks #2
Skin: Lara Hurley “Milla”
Make-Up: ::Plastic Flowers:: Purple Smoke
Hair: Novocaine – “Tayanna” – Sand


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