Frosty Knows Best {#11}

Since I’m still a newbie Blogger to the SL Fashion world, I guess I’m trying to see exactly which makes my mark. What makes me unique. I’m still not sure yet. Like titles and such, locations, how I shoot my pictures. (I use the camera in photoshop cept when I’m doing some cutting.) I thought I’d number the pictures. Since this would be #11, I might as well state – it’s #11. Okay so let’s begin..”Frosty the Snowman…”


Katya is wearing…

Dress: Peqe “Tartan” (With Love From Hunt)
Stockings: ~*(TBC)*~ – Stocking – Black/Solid
Shoes: ~*(TBC)*~ Rozen Beauty
Earmuffs: !mm*** Ear Muff (Group Gift)
Hair: >TRUTH< Caroline “Swedish”
Skin: :[P]: – Lionheart – Myth – August: Pout


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