Silence this…

So I’m trying my hand at doing a fashionist blog for SL now…lets see how this goes. I’ve always been amazed on how things are created, and wished I had the patience to actually design and create somethings in SL – but alas..I do instead, I became what I call a fashion whore. A slight addiction to SL fashion blogs, hunts, freebies, groups and and then the Linden’s grab me and I go ape crazy and buy a ton of let’s see how this goes. First off, I’m going to try what I’ve found through the “For the Love of..” Fall Hunt. Some stuff was great…other

Like any good fashionist I will display the stores and such..Hope you enjoy!

Katya is wearing…..

Jacket: !SDM! Carsomist Jacket Black (FTLO Fall Hunt)

Skirt: So Many Styles Chiffon Lacy Red (Group Gift)

Boots: Ducknipple “Snol”

Stockings: ~*(The Black Canary)*~ Solid Stockings – Black

Hair: Shag “Erotica” – Chestnut (Project Themeory)

Skin: ::: I CE COCO ::: “Blanche”

Makeup: Glam Affair “Layer04” (Old “The Dressing Room”)


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