Breathing Systems

Most people put on an illusion that everything is just dandy. They show off a smile, a laugh and fake exuberance like it’s the in thing to do. But really deep down, they are in fact miserable. They hide it so well that not even there closest friends even know what is going on. Maybe those friends might notice slight differences like a smile that quickly disappears. Or the tone of the person’s voice as it goes from jubilance to cynical.

Quite often the person is just quiet for a reason. Too much going on around them, inputting more than they can output, until their own hard drive is overloaded and not even a reboot will suffice.

 System overload.

Too much this day and age people are too much on the go. Go go go. Never do they stop and just sit. Take in the harsh cold of winter as it sinks into our bones, that feeling of cold as it stings the flesh, making us tingle all over and notice that we are alive. Go from home, work, back home. Hide. Clean, make money, sleep, have sex.


We’re generated on “To Do Lists”, checks and balances. A slight push would cause ripples in the quantum space continuum. We must get this done, do it now. Save for this, don’t jump in head first, and god forbid – don’t fall in love before the three month mark.

 I’m in love.

Spring begins in February, Summer races into March, Autumn dives into July and that cold, cold time of Winter falls in our laps in September…it’s Christmas time before we can even rake the leaves. Too fast the years are flying. Can we remember our childhoods, our teenage years. The first time we had anxiety within the walls of our freshman class. That first crush that went horridly wrong.

 The first time the crush went so right.

And we bounce. Bounce bounce bounce. Like the bouncy balls that children ride. And we fall off, hit our heads, and get back on. Forgetting – again – that we just need to stop. Stop. Listen. And just breathe.


posted 12/08/08


One response to “Breathing Systems

  1. Those who are always “on” need to read this, if only out of pity for those of us (me included) who often need to “check out” sometimes, to catch our breath and process everything we’ve inputted so far.

    Can’t say I share your take on the cold of winter and how alive it makes you feel. It makes me want to crawl into a warm bed and just stay there until spring.

    Maybe I was a bear in a former life. 🙂

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