Admitting the “Lame Game”

Admitting the Lame Game (Posted on MySpace 02/02/08)

 It’s snowing outside. Big fat flakes mixed with that horrible sleet that sticks to your car windows and places a sheet of ice so thick that it takes half a tank of gas and about three hours of chiseling to get it off. 

I’m not a big winter person. So, instead of going out (which I will admit, lately I’ve not been going out that much), I’m huddled inside staying warm and doing something that it seems many think is lame. 

Yes, my lame hobby. My love of playing games.

What surprises me is that those that consider it lame, consider it a waste of time – well tell me, what do those people do? I mean, I do have other hobbies. But if I’m not in the mood to pick up a book (I’m reading the “Historian” right now), or watch the crap on television, or venture outside in this god awful weather, then what should I do?

 Am I the only one that gets a bit peeved at others when they call people that play games “Lame“?

 I’ve been playing games since I was old enough to actually sit at a computer. I grew up with a Commodore 64, Atari, Nintendo…going further into other types of PCs and Playstation. I love my games.

 I’m a huge Sims-aholic. I had the original, I play The Sims2 and I even played the online version. Some people may find it boring, but when you can play “god” and wreak havoc and create so much, how can you not find it fun? It’s all about creativity and where and what I can do with them. 

Yes, I do love other types of games. RPG’s (I’m a big Final Fantasy nut), Metal Gear Solid, the Resident Evil Series, and an occasional kick ass fighting game, if I can find one I like. I seriously want Assassin’s Creed, but I don’t own a Playstation3 or an Xbox360…so that’s out of the question. 

Can you see my geekiness?

 Later, if I feel up to it – I will go and play something I’ve been doing for a while now. Something that I’ve been slowly learning (my time is limited now and then), but I’m picking up on. The world is vast and is quite huge. I’ve been playing Second Life, an online simulation game. I really cannot describe it. Because for each individual person, it’s a different experience. And for that – I’m not afraid to admit that I play.



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