Eventually it would…

Second Life would take a little back burner for me right after Douleur was born – reality check – I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasnt me, the controls felt off, the newbish look and graphics made me turn up my nose. Plus! I knew…maybe one person and the amount of people there overwhelmed me so much (almost like it does it Real Life *ack*) that I would freeze. Especially since the person I joined SL with would drag me to lag-er-iffic sims for dancing.

Is this just something every newbie in SL must do? Dance? So I would dance…and got thrown into buying horrible disgusting slut clothes. Yes, I said slut clothes! I think I still have a few of them…*hides* Maybe one day I’ll break them out and take some pictures, although now..and off I go on a tangent. Anyway, back to what I was talking about..yes the start. Douleur would go dancing, mingle, talk to random people, but in a way – it was boring. No fun at all. So I logged..and stay logged for a few months until almost a year would go by and I would eventually be drawn back due to meeting a couple people via another venue who were actually in SL too! So Dou came back (FYI: Douleur is known as Dou all throughout SL).

Things would turn a bit better at this point, I finally knew some people to converse with – people that I enjoyed talking to even outside of SL and in my RL…my comfort zone was set. And to make it better…I would eventually find someone that I used to share a life with in TSO in SL…and bring him back into my life. No longer as the love I once knew, but as a friend that I would, and still cherish to this day.

With this new found hope and friends, I would find comfort in my logins, the chance to explore SL would begin. Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Lounging, Hanging…the list can go on – Race Car Driving, Themed Dance Parties, Contests, etc. I would also get my first home! A little place to call my own, where I would actually be able to set a Home to. It was finally setting in.

Along the way, my bestie, Kayelle Writer would be given a chance to start a club. I would take on the roll as a manager with her and Icarus was born. A small nightclub on the Steinhauer Sim in which we would do themed dance nights, every other or third Thursdays. We would hire a DJ and spin the tunes, handing out prizes. Ericc Axon (my long lost friend from TSO) would accompany us during these times bringing those he knew of in the world of SL that he had met along the way. As would Kayelle, and my list of people begin to grow. My friend list was no longer sparse, and for once Douleur didn’t feel like such a newbie….

Pieces of SL


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