Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I’m not a newbie to the online community at all.

When I first came about chat rooms, I found them quite easy to do, just chat, connect and chat some more..words crawl over the screen and you fantasize exactly what is going on. Well, to a point. It would be just random stuff, but I do remember connecting with one person that would eventually become a penpal for a bit..I believe he lived in Denmark..anyway, I’m getting off track. So, chat rooms. After a while, real life settles in and I lose interest in these places, opting for just normal gaming experiences..until I find the Sims. And the Sims – well they came out with the The Sims Online (aka – TSO for those in the biz). I got hooked. A virtual world, although not the greatest of graphics, was a step into which I do believe Second Life took a gander to. I played TSO religiously for two years. Enjoying the good times, the bad..the cities and it’s people. I wore my green hat proudly, I ran a successful skill home, and loved like no other…but that is for another time.

Finally after two years, I left TSO and ventured into RL again…only to be swindled into making an avi in Second Life on the date – July 6, 2006. This would become my Rez Date, the birthday of my Avi, Douleur LeSuere. She was to be me in a Second Life. And yes…I would live that Second Life to the fullest, maybe not at first, but eventually down the line, through these couple of years I would.

Remember – this is about my Second Life, not my Real Life. Although both are intertwined in such a way, keeping RL out of SL is a good thing, but it does sneak in at times. Real Life is a kicker. No matter how hard you try to keep it seperate, it happens…and there is no way of stopping it.

Some random beach sim I found


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